Commercial And Residential Pest Solutions in Kent

We provide you with peace of mind by dealing with the route cause of the Rat or Mice infestation. We provide full rodent proofing services including Squirrel solutions. We start with the access issues and then eradicate the infestation. Following this we offer ongoing treatment plans for businesses. We offer day time and evening appointments to suit your business or home. This can be a discreet service to avoid unnecessary attention.

Cockroaches can cause great distress to customers or members of your household. We offer effective Cockroach pest control services to quickly eradicate them from your premise. Please don't delay in getting in touch to discuss your Commercial or Residential requirement. The quicker you act in contacting us, the quicker we can get a fully qualified pest controller out to you to deal with the cockroach issue.

Wasps are not only a pest but they can cause a real danger to some people. Call us the moment you see a Wasp nest starting to form or if you discover a fully built one on or in your property. We won't just exterminate the live Wasps, where possible we will always aim to remove the actual nest which houses the larvae. We can often provide a same day Wasp nest removal service in Kent. Call 07530585588 now to discuss.

We are on hand to offer full Bedbug pest control solutions. If you are a home owner or landlord looking for peace of mind when it comes to Bedbug control, please make contact to discuss a survey and treatment plan. We will always aim to use non chemical treatments as a first response and we will also carry out a detection survey prior to action.

Kent County Pest control are here to help with birds making their way into you residential loft or commercial bird control solutions around buildings, voids or stores.  We offer a full bird proofing service using the latest products and techniques including spikes, nets and meshes. We can also carry out a bird mess (Guano) or nest clearance service.

At Kent County Pest Control, we offer a full loft or building clearance following infestation service. In most cases where a loft or space has been subject to infestation, there is a need to clear old insulation or materials. We can provide a full clearance and decontamination service (reducing associated smells) to supplement any pest control solution or as a stand alone service.


Please call 07530585588 for a quote or to discuss a site visit or survey or email to arrange a call back. 

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