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Pest Control and Rats - Clearing and Decontamination.

When we think about pest control, clearing, cleaning and decontamination is definitely a subject worth talking about. I thought we'd write about it this week as last week was made up of two quite major loft clearances following long term rat infestations.

First of all, rats just love a loft space or building void as generally they are quiet, warm and dry places to live. Lofts especially, offer the perfect condition for nesting as insulation in itself is naturally warm and comfy if you are a rodent! What we tend to find is that by the time you realise that the rats or mice have made your loft their home its often a fair way into an infestation.

The picture below is one of around ten nests we found while clearing the loft space as part of a rat control treatment last week. As you can see the rat or rats created a bed space using ripped up materials from the loft area. This one was under a loft board which once again adds a further element of safety to the nest. We also noted the chewing of the wooden loft cross beams.

As we know, rats tend to use or create latrine areas meaning that you will start to notice little piles of mess or areas that are clearly rodent toilets within your loft. With a heavy infestation the sheer volume of rat mess will often mask the different toilet areas but if you catch the problem early enough you are able to clearly identify various rat toilet areas.

As part of our pest control service, we offer a full loft clearance service. You may find that depending on the level of infestation the soiled loft insulation can emit a strong smell that may be noticed within your business or home. As part of the process we completely remove all loft insulation and disinfect the whole loft space. At this point we are also able to establish if there are any other hidden entry or exit points that the rodents are using to gain access to the loft space. We are then happy to re-insulate your space when we know that the rodent problem is resolved. We will often leave the area free of insulation for a short time period to ensure the initial rodent problem is solved. While the insulation is up and clear we are able to use appropriate disinfectants to clear the area of hazardous material and also reduce unwanted smells.

This service starts at £600 depending on loft or building size and is available across Kent.

So what can you look out for if you think that rats or mice (or even squirrels) have made your loft their home?

  1. You may hear scratching coming from your loft space.

  2. There may be a new strong smell emulating from around your loft hatch area.

  3. There may be piles of rat or mice droppings in various areas of your loft.

  4. You may notice chewing or gnawing of wooden beams or your possessions.

  5. You could start to see nests or runs in the loose loft insulation.

  6. You might even see a rat or mouse run away while moving things.

One important thing to note is that the dust and rodent faeces in a loft space can be hazardous to health, so if you are carrying out your own inspection be sure to wear the correct protective equipment. Moving old insulation throws up a lot of dust!

A final note to be aware of, is that a loft or building clearance only really complements a thorough rat or rodent infestation treatment plan. It is usually unlikely that rats or rodents have found their way directly into your loft. This could be the case if an adjoining building is infested and there is easy access via linked lofts but usually, the loft is the final place the rats will go to seek the safest place in your building. Kent County Pest Control will always look to establish where the rats are gaining entry and we will look to stop this first. Without stopping this rodent ingress, you could be wasting your time and money as within a short period of time the rats will destroy any new insulation. Once we are satisfied that we have dealt with the route cause of the problem, we can then go on to clearing any evidence that was ever a rodent issue.

Call us today to discuss any rodent infestations or issues you may have. We are on hand to solve your commercial or residential pest control issues in Kent.

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Thank you for reading this post and we look forward to hearing from you.

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