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Pest Control for Mr Fox

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Today we visited a customer to help them with a persistent Fox problem. Not every pest treatment ends in the eradication of the 'pest' and this is very evident in this case. The Fox family had been causing havoc in the customers beautiful and very well maintained garden. Flower beds being destroyed and fences being damaged as well as Fox faeces spread across different areas of the garden and lawns.

We experimented with some Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate powder mixed with water. This was spread across the whole site using a standard 5 litre pressure sprayer. This is a completely non toxic treatment and does not harm plant life or other mammals which makes it perfect for any wildlife or family focused gardens where you do not want toxic chemicals spread. The rear garden was targeted in the areas that were highlighted as problem or access areas with a heavy treatment and then the whole garden was also fine sprayed to complement the treatment.

There were clear scratch marks at the top of six foot fence panels where the Foxes were making entry and around the shed. Also noted on site where paw prints in flower beds and damage to plants.

The Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate works by way of mimicking another Fox's scent markings. The idea is to trick the resident family into thinking that the territory is being taken over by another Alpha male or Fox family. This then works by making the Fox's reconsider entry to the area and should put them off coming into the garden completely. Whats more, with the agreement of the customer, I was lucky enough to be able to bring my old Black Labrador 'Digger' with me on this job.

The idea was that Digger would also go around marking the site and adding further scent deterrent. The presence of a male dog is often good enough to put most foxes off entering a garden and true to form, Digger was happy to wander around making his presence known. Interestingly he also paid particular attention to areas that Foxes were gaining access and flowerbeds.

While on site, we spoke to the customer about their plant and flower bed treatments. It is always worth noting that fertilisers that are 'Bone Meal' or 'Fish Bone' based can create false feeding sites for Foxes. If you are experiencing Fox issues and use fertilisers and specific soils, its always worth checking the levels in you plant feeds. Foxes will dig area up looking for meals that simply don't exist.

If you are suffering from similar issues caused by Foxes, please feel free to give us a call on 01622 532073 to arrange your treatment.

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