Pest Control - Collapsed drains and sewer systems = Rats.

Most pest control companies or pest control technicians will often start any rat infestation survey by looking at your business or home sewer and drainage system. Its widely reported that around 80% of all residential rat infestations stem from a drain fault. It therefore makes sense to start with a drain survey. Most of the sewer faults and collapses that we experience have been in older or Victorian style drainage systems. The old style ceramic sewer systems are prone to co

Pest Control for Mr Fox

Today we visited a customer to help them with a persistent Fox problem. Not every pest treatment ends in the eradication of the 'pest' and this is very evident in this case. The Fox family had been causing havoc in the customers beautiful and very well maintained garden. Flower beds being destroyed and fences being damaged as well as Fox faeces spread across different areas of the garden and lawns. We experimented with some Aluminium Ammonium Sulphate powder mixed with water.

Pest Control And Understanding Rats..

Its only when you start to think about the basic needs of a rodent that you start to understand how to find them and control them. Rats and Mice rely on the most basic of animal instincts. They need a supply of food and water and preferably a safe place to live (Nest). Once we are able to restrict/ stop the supply of food and water we present the rodents with a problem. Rats rely on drinking a certain amount of water whereas Mice can survive with little water and most of whi