Our Flea control service in Maidstone

Are you seeing evidence of Flea bites? Often on the lower legs or other body parts of small children. These bites can swell up, itch or simply just sting! You may see fleas jumping on the carpet or even on your pets. Fleas need to feed, so may well nest in your carpet and then jump onto pets or people to feed. If no pet is around then sadly this means you become the best option for a meal! 

It's important to treat fleas as soon as possible as they will multiply quickly and will cause major discomfort.  

We offer a 30 day guaranteed Flea treatment service in and around Kent. The initial treatment of fleas will work towards the removal of as many fleas as possible prior to chemical insecticide treatment. Treatment times vary depending on the size of the property and the scale of the infestation. Following the removal process we will start the spraying/ fogging process. 

Throughout your flea treatment we will require the property to be empty and preferably the floors to be clear of any items. We will treat soft furnishing where appropriate and always opt to treat all rooms in the property. We will treat pet bedding and the bedding area. 

As a rough guide we charge approximately £120 for a treatment of a standard 2/3 bedroom home. The treatment time will be around 2 hours and will require the property to be aired after. The spray will need around 2 to 4 hours to dry out and is generally water based.  We do not recommend that you make skin contact with the wet insecticide spray. We also recommend that pets are kept away until drying has been completed.  

Checklist and guide to our Flea treatments. 

1. Ensure your property can be empty for approximately 4-5 hours depending on ambient temperatures for drying times. This includes the treatment time.   

2. Ensure pets are out of the property, pet bedding is hot (boil) washed.

3. Clear floor space of all objects where possible ( we will work around large furniture items).

4. Allow sufficient ventilation of all treated rooms. 

5. This one is vital! Ensure your pet/s are treated for fleas by a vet!  

Things to note. * Important *

The initial flea treatment will knock down the live adults. The treatment will show immediate results for up to 14 days. The residual effect of the treatment will kick in after this time as adult fleas begin to emerge from any eggs that remain. Fleas can often be present for up to 21 days. Following this the infestation will die out completely as the remaining adult fleas react to the treatment. We will not retreat within 30 days.  

This Flea service is available in business and residential property. Please call for a more comprehensive quote on 07530585588

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